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Elementary School

St. Lawrence of Brindisi School provides a safe, nurturing and Catholic education for the children in our Watts neighborhood. Every child needs to feel secure, loved and encouraged – especially our young children presented with the greatest challenges and obstacles from the world around them. With your assistance, we can continue to empower and inspire our young students and their families to excel academically, serve their communities and look beyond the confines of Watts to pursue their dreams.

High Schools

Thanks to generous contribution to the Friends’ scholarship fund, recipients of Friends' High School Scholarships have options and are able to learn in an optimal learning environment and be competitive when applying for college.  Having access to challenging classes and a college prep course load makes a remarkable difference for these students. 

Each of Friends' scholarship opportunities have been funded through the generosity of various donors who support the important mission of Friends of St. Lawrence-Watts Youth Center: to create opportunities through a quality education for the children of Watts.

The Warfield Brothers Memorial Scholarship 

Through a partnership with The Friends of St. Lawrence-Watts Youth Center, The Warfield Brothers Scholarship Fund rewards outstanding achievement, while providing vital financial assistance to those who otherwise might not have the opportunity to further their educations at the highest level. The ZJF-West is a four-year scholarship awarded to a graduating 8th grader from the Watts section of Los Angeles.

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