March Madness
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March Madness

Dear Friends,

     Who would have ever imagined the ongoing rollercoaster ride we have been on since last March?! 


     During this time, many of us have been able to find different forms of human togetherness. A sense of community became a mental mindset that didn’t have to be tied to a physical location.  A group of people gathering for the same purpose at the same time...albeit in different still meaningful and matters.

We bring goodness and light when we collectively come together...even when it can only be in mind and spirit.


            For our 2021 fundraiser, we would like you to join us in this space of collective spirit.                    

Make a margarita and some guacamole at home

(recipe courtesy of the Ladies of St. Lawrence) 

Raise a glass in good cheer....


We hope you’ll consider a donation to

Friends of St. Lawrence as you do!


Mollie Baumer and Antonia Carpenter

Event Co-Chairs

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Donate Now


The March Madness proceeds generated from your donations this year will go directly to

The Literacy Center

Scholarship and Mentoring Programs

These educational programs support Watts youth so that they have access to a

solid source of opportunity and guidance,

bolstering their chances of success and a bright tomorrow.